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EngmoDun manufacture the finest down duvets and pillows in Scandinavia
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Many years ago, a young man took up the manufacturing of natural down filled pillows and duvets in a small cellar in the south of Stockholm.


His name was Thomas Mortensen and, in 1952, he founded what later became EngmoDun. The production started out small-scale, but the premises quickly turned out to be too small.

EngmoDun duvets and pillows


EngmoDun has grown steadily over the years and, today, almost 50 years later, we manufacture Scandinavia’s finest down duvets and pillows.


We are still continuously learning, and we are improving our products through certified tests in our own down laboratory.


Our business builds on genuine craftsmanship and long experience, but we are driven forward by innovation. Tradition and Innovation – it’s as simple as that.

Supplier to the Royal Swedish Court


From the soft down to the hand-sewn seams, we have produced Scandinavia’s best down duvets and pillows for over 65 years. A handiwork built on tradition, experience and innovation.



We have been Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden since 1986, a quality stamp we are most proud of.

EngmoDun Duvet and Pillow


We believe that the ducks and geese providing us with the opportunity to sleep better must live good lives.

It is important. Therefore, every little down we use is traceable, which gives us full control of the handling of the down (including washing, sterilisation, and sorting). According to the applicable EU regulation, of course.


We only buy down and feathers from poultry slaughterhouses in Europe, which are all covered by EU food legislation and the strictest animal welfare legislation in the world. This means that the ducks and geese are under the control of the veterinary authorities right from egg to slaughter.


Under no circumstances do we buy down and feathers that come from picking live animals. Down and feathers are a by-product of the meat production. You can imagine us as a waste company that processes waste from slaughterhouses. We only buy down and feathers directly from slaughterhouses. In this way, we ensure that our goods come from dead animals.

EngmoDun Laboratorium


In our own laboratory, we are continuously testing the quality of each down. By doing so, we assure that our suppliers meet our standards at all times. Naturally, we are also testing the quality of each down to maintain the same even and high standard – in all of our products.


The international organisation European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) has approved our independent testing laboratory. This means that we, as well as other companies or public authorities, are allowed to perform certified and valid test at our premises.

EngmoDun duvets and pillows


If you take care of your down duvet, it may actually last for many years.
Therefore, we provide a full 10 years warranty on all down duvets and 3 years on our down pillows.*
*The warranty applies to material and manufacturing faults in normal use

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