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We all experience heat and cold differently since down breaths –
and stores a sufficient amount of warmth, but emits the surplus heat – we fill our duvets with natural down.
So which duvet is the perfect one for you? Perform a test using our duvet selector.
Which EngmoDun duvet suits me?

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  1. First, we will find out whether you have a tendency to be cold or if you are warm-blooded.
  2. Then we consider the temperature in your bedroom. Warm or cool?
  3. Finally, we let you choose the down quality that you want


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You may need another duvet than your partner. All our duvets are available as single and double duvets.


Please remember: It is always a great idea to visit one of our dealers for guidance.

Wrapping the duvet around you gives you the true feeling whether the duvet is the right choice for you.