EngmoDun pillows


To provide the best possible sleep, a pillow must support the head as the shoulders sink into the mattress.
At EngmoDun, we manufacture pillows made from the world’s finest and softest down.
Soft or firm – always pleasantly comfortable.
EngmoDun Astrid Kuddar Sortiment


Astrid pillows – A more comfortable rest

Goose down is large and fluffy, which makes for soft pillows. Rest very comfortably on Astrid (soft&low, soft&high) or get a slightly firmer feeling with Astrid (firm&high). All pillows are filled using specially selected large goose down.


With Astrid, you’ll rest either softer or firmer, but always more comfortably. Much more comfortably.


Astrid is available in 3 different variants:

Soft & LowSoft & HighFirm & High

EngmoDun Emilie Pillow


Emelie pillows – The feeling of freedom

The pillow, just like the duvet, is filled with goose down and the inner chamber is filled with small feathers to support both the head and neck.


Emilie is available in 3 different variants:

Soft & LowSoft & HighFirm & High

EngmoDun cecilia Kuddar Sortiment


Cecilia pillows – Lean back

When your shoulders sink into the mattress in the evening, Cecilia is a soft support for your head. With a firmer middle and softer down around the sides, you will always rest comfortably.


Cecilia is available in 3 different variants:

LowMedium High

EngmoDun Innerkuddar

Sofa Cushions


Cushions are a simple way to add a new atmosphere to your home. In the sofa, in the armchair, or on the floor. While the cushion cover that adds the colour, the inner cushion defines the comfort of the pillow.


Sofa Cushions are available in many different sizes:

Sofa Cushions

Pillow Protection
EngmoDun Kuddskydd

Protective Pillow Cover


Protect your pillow a little extra from stains and dirt. Pillow protection is easy to use, easy to clean and wash. And you keep your pillow fresh and comfortable longer than just a pillowcase.


Pillow Protection is available in different sizes:

Protective Pillow Cover