Protective Pillow Cover

EngmoDun Protective Pillow Cover

Protect your down pillow a little extra from stains and dirt. A protective pillow cover is easy to apply and is easily removed and washed. Your pillow stays fresh and comfortable longer than with an ordinary pillowcase.




Cambric with zipper
50×60 cm
50×70 cm

Flanell with zipper
50×70 cm


Additional information
TypeProtective Pillow Cover with zipper
Cambric with zipper, Flanell with zipper
50x60 cm, 50x70 cm
100% cotton cambric/twill, white, 100% cotton flannel
Stripes: TC310 - Plain: TC280
White / White stripes
100% bomull, vitt
Read More, Yes
Class 1 - Tested and approved, no harmful substances. Recommended for infants, Read More
Mites Free, Read More
60 degrees, Read More
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