Louise - Jag fryser aldrig

Louise – The Down Queen

Queen Louise of Sweden was a warm-hearted, thoughtful woman. Louise is also one of our finest duvets. The goose and eider down that fills the soft duvets warm just right, and they are available in two different thicknesses.


The goose and eider down inside this light and soft duvet will provide just the correct amount of warmth for you who are never cold


Louise is a duvet that cares, just like the queen she borrowed her name from.


Other variants: Jag fryser ibland (I sometimes freeze)




150×210 cm

220×220 cm


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Louise is one of our finest duvets and contains a well-balanced mix of eider- and goose down. As a combination of Victoria and Astrid – 9% Icelandic Eiderdown and 91% goose down gives this duvet a soft feel and warms just right.

We’ve sewed Louise in body-shape casettes that shapes your body and benefits the down in the soft fabric. The blanket is made in the finest cotton batist with piping and embroidery


Why choose Louise?

The weightlessness. Goose down is large and fluffy which, together with the genuine eiderdown, provides a soft, almost weightless, duvet. Louise is available in two variants – Jag fryser aldrig (I never freeze) & Jag fryser ibland (I sometimes freeze) – and if you belong to the more warm-blooded, this lightweight and fluffy duvet right for you.

Additional information
Type Duvet - Mix of eider- and goose down in the middle and goose down outside
Size 150x210 cm / 220x220 cm
Variants “Jag fryser aldrig” (I never freeze / Cool) / “Jag fryser ibland (I sometimes freeze / Medium)”
Fill Eiderdown-/goose downmix in the middle and goose down in the outer cannels
Fill - Weight 300 g / 460 g
Fill Power Not measurable
Down & Feather Class 1 (best of three classes) (EN12934)
Origin of the filling Europe
Traceability Read More, Yes
Shell 100% finest cotton batist
NE value Ne80/90 - European Nm135/150
TC value TC318
Construction Bodyshape cassettes
Number of cassettes 7x6 / 11x6
Color / Pattern White
Piping Satin, 100% polyester
Allergy tested Read More, Yes
OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Class I - Tested and approved, no harmful substances. Recommended for infants, Read More
Downafresh® greenLine 100% clean down, Read More
Washing 60 degrees - always use tumble dryer, Read More
Maintenance Daily: Shake and vent the duvet every day, Read More
Country of origin Denmark
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