Astrid - Jag fryser aldrig - Extra Cool

Astrid – An elegant down princess

Astrid of Sweden was an unusually beautiful princess. She was also an unusually talented seamstress. This is why we have ascribed her name to an unusually elegant and well-sewn duvet. Using specially-selected large, white goose down in a white-striped fabric made of soft cotton.


Astrid of Sweden was an unusually talented dressmaker with an eye for detail. This duvet is light, practically weightless, and it is the perfect fit for you, who are never cold.


Elegance and craftsmanship. Astrid would have been proud of the down duvet now bearing her name.


Other variants: Jag fryser aldrig (I never freeze), Jag fryser ibland (I sometimes freeze) and Jag fryser alltid (I always freeze)




150×210 cm

220×220 cm




Astrid is an elegant and well-made duvet filled with 100% white European goose down in a soft, tight fabric of the finest cotton cambric/twill.

The duvet is available in four variants: jag fryser aldrig – extra cool (I never freeze – Extra cool), jag fryser aldrig (I never freeze), jag fryser ibland (I sometimes freeze), jag fryser alltid (I always freeze) – and is sewn in cassettes which evenly spread the down.
The upper side is white and underside white with piping and embroidery.


Why choose Astrid?

Rest more beautiful, whoever you are. We experience warm and cold in different ways and therefore Astrid is adapted for different body types. Whether you’re warm or cold, there’s a variation that suits you. That this duvet is unusually elegant is a bonus.

Additional information
TypeDuvet - 100% white European goose down and cotton fabric
Size150x210 cm / 220x220 cm
Variants“Jag fryser aldrig” (I never freeze / Cool) / “Jag fryser ibland” (I sometimes freeze / Medium) / “Jag fryser alltid” (I always freeze / Warm)
Fill100% white European goose down
Fill - Weight190 g / 290 g
Fill Power12 (EN12130 pass 1003), Read More
Down & FeatherClass 1 (best of three classes) (EN12934)
Origin of the fillingEurope
TraceabilityRead More, Yes
Shell100% cotton cambric/twill, white
NE valueNe60/60
TC valueStripes: TC310 - Plain: TC280
Number of cassettes6x8 / 8x8
Color / PatternWhite / White stripes
Piping100% bomull, vitt
Allergy testedRead More, Yes
ÖKO-TEXClass 1 - Tested and approved, no harmful substances. Recommended for infants, Read More
NomiteMites Free, Read More
Downafresh Greenline100% clean down, Read More
Washing60 degrees - always use tumble dryer, Read More
MaintenanceDaily: Shake and vent the duvet every day, Read More
Country of originDenmark
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